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The response to this question comes from a occasional Bull who warns against a full blown cuckold relationship as he thinks that once immersed in this area of the lifestyle it is almost impossible to change without losing the wife or ending the marriage or relationship. But she will probably want you to more and more orally service her, no release for you, all as part of the her control, your submission thing, and her pleasure is all that matters to both of you as between you two.

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hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man?Just recently Emma and Christina Noir went up to San Francisco to hook up with members of their websites to give them some special attention. My God Emma, I don’t think I can move for a bit after that one. You basically can’t go from cuckolding to anything but a breakup with your wife, which will be EXTREMELY difficult to impossible for you to initiate after a while in sub mind set, but not for her. And the beginning at least the wife asks her husband permission after details of the guy each and every time. It varies a lot but the point is in ways particular to the husband, he’s retaining control or at least veto. There’s generally an understanding that it’s gonna be just sex for the wife and that if it’s not returning dividends to the husband of more and hotter penetrative sex with his wife, but rather she’s getting into her bull too emotionally and stops wanting to let her husband have as many sex privileges as her bull, then she’s got to break it off with that guy. Unlike swinger lifestyles the hotwifing couple usually doesn’t let the husband play with other women but that’s not at all always the case.About by definition though he plays less and his wife is probably more tightly restrictive about who she’s comfortable with him playing with than he is.

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